About Concert Harpist for Compassion

We Are a Palouse-Based Nonprofit

Our Vision for Arts in Medicine on the Palouse

Our nonprofit is designed to bring quality concert harp performances into medical settings serving the elderly, cancer patients, the disabled, and those at the end of life. A symphony concert is a beautiful experience for many, but our most fragile community members often lack the ability to attend these performances. We provide a professional concert harpist to those unable to attend area concerts. The beauty of harp music can provide an intimate environment to all members of our community, including those with disabilities, the medically fragile, the elderly, and patients receiving hospice or cancer care. The benefits from the therapeutic music are many, and are provided at no cost to patients or their families due to generous donations from our community.

Meet OUrBoard Members

Jules Webb


Julie served as the primary caregiver to her husband for the final 10 years of his life. She became a widow in 2013 while still in her forties, after her husband’s courageous fight with multiple physical disabilities came to an end. She has a deep sensitivity for those suffering with health issues and unique understanding of how much comfort and care is needed for both patients and the family members who love them. She is a web developer and lives in Steptoe, Washington. Her talents made this website a reality. She enjoys spending time with her son and family, as well as exploring new areas of greater Whitman County.

Mark Yama

Mark Yama

Vice President

Mark Yama works extensively with area palliative and pain patients. He is one of four medical providers at the area pain clinic. He also joined the psychology faculty at the University of Idaho in 1987, where he is currently an associate professor of clinical psychology. At Interventional Pain Consultants in Lewiston, Idaho, Dr. Yama specializes in the treatment of chronic pain patients. Dr. Yama also provides tools such as stress management, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, and imagery that are helpful in the management of pain. Dr. Yama enjoys living in Troy, Idaho with his wife and has four children.

Thomas Benson

2nd Vice President

Thomas is a member of the Whitman County deaf community. The first time he saw Daniella play her harp in 2011, he was deeply touched because her large concert harp was able to produce significant sound vibrations that he found very soothing, despite his lifelong, profound hearing loss. He has lived in rural Whitman county for many years. He and his wife, Judy, have raised their family in Colton, Washington. The couple continues to face ongoing health issues and very much appreciate the comfort that music brings to the medically fragile.

Tom Benson
Halli Carnahan

Halli Carnahan


The wife of Dr. Shane Carnahan of Carnahan Chiropractic, Halli holds a B.S. in Information Management from Brigham Young University. She has extensive experience conducting the accounting and medical billing for her husband’s private medical practice. She is also an active mother to her daughter and high school age triplet sons. She is a native to Pullman and continues to look for ways to give back to the local community.

Laurel Nickles


Laurel is a professional artist living in Pullman. Originally from San Diego, California, she followed her husband to the Palouse so that he could work for Schweitzer Engineering. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and her artwork has been commissioned both locally and nationally. She specializes in painting, but has an affinity and skill for all things creative in nature. Her two daughters are very involved in music within the Pullman community and she also has one young son. She finds great comfort through the arts and recognizes the many social and emotional benefits that art can provide to others.

Laurel Nickels

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Concert Harpist for Compassion relies on the continuous support and generosity from the community in order to help maintain our mission and vision for the future.