Bringing Relief Through Music

Providing performances to local hospice patients, cancer patients, persons with disabilities, the medically fragile, and the elderly.

We OfferTherapeutic Music

Therapeutic music is live acoustic music, played or sung, specifically tailored to the patient’s immediate need. It is an art based on the science of sound.
Concert Harpist for Compassion is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization established in 2016. Our music has been provided in the Palouse area by a volunteer concert harpist since early 2011. We are dedicated to providing sustainable, professional concert harp performances to hospice patients, cancer patients, persons with disabilities, the medically fragile, and the elderly. Patients and their family members are never charged for our music.

Meet OurConcert Harpist

Daniella Clark, Ph.D., is a professional concert harpist who has formal education as a therapeutic musician. She has advanced training in serving people with disabilities and began playing harp at age 4.

Dr. Clark began performing with her harp in nursing homes at age 9. In 2011, she founded the Palouse area hospice music program and was the first trained hospice volunteer to offer music to local patients. That same year, she also became the first volunteer musician at Pullman Regional Hospital and a frequent volunteer at Avalon Nursing Home.

I’m committed to helping those in need and will continue to share the comfort of music with the elderly and the medically fragile.

Bringing Relief Through Music

Music Therapy
Our concert harp performances provide a professional quality and beautiful experience for the most vulnerable members of our community. Many areas of hospitals, nursing homes, or retirement homes can be transformed into a performance location—lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways and patient rooms have become the stage for our concert harpist. The music enchants patients, family members, visitors, and staff alike, bringing peace and tranquility to all present.

Our Mission

Concert harp performances

Provide performances to local hospice patients, cancer patients, persons with disabilities, the medically fragile, and the elderly


Raise funds from the community to support our program so music services remain free to all patients, the elderly, and their families

Continued Training & Support

Provide continued therapeutic music and related medical training opportunities to program musicians

Please ConsiderSupporting Us

Concert Harpist for Compassion relies on the continuous support and generosity from the community in order to help maintain our mission and vision for the future.